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barnes' theorem

so anyways i got really excited about this. for the last couple of years i have been reading books about set theory, and number theory. to me, these ideas serve a very useful function of modeling events and movements in the real world.

how to get started in shortwave radio

i'm very interested in this kind of technology that is outdated, yet still viable. an example is in general aviation they have these radio transmitters called VORs, that are all over the county that you can tune into while flying around. you can find your way all across the country with these things and most folks have no idea they even exist. next time you go by a small airfield look for one, they look like a giant bowling pin. it's like forties and fifties era radio technology. it's kind of a funky way of doing it, but it works and has worked for years.

how to make a living playing music

i hear so much complaining about this subject, i just wanted to lay my practical experience on you. free.

first, three pre-conditions: