A Year End Quiz

What will you remember most about 2010?
this was a pretty wacky year for me. i think that bringing the barnjo, which is my electric guitar/banjo hybrid, and getting that up and running, has been the highlight of my year. by virtue of that instrument, i can play all my repertoire at once. so that has me pretty excited. i think pizza box is the best record i ever did, that feels pretty cool to be able to say that {it came out this year}. i've been out here since the late 80's driving in vans and playing clubs. it feels good to be getting better. i just keep practicing and working and developing ideas.

one of the main lessons i learned this year, is i'll get to working on something, and in the midst of working, i sometimes realize the goalposts will get moved on me, but then something else really cool will happen that i didn't plan on, that's actually hepper then what was initially conceived. and learning to just trust that process. it never fails, i just worry that it will. as long as i don't wig out at the wrong moment, something badass will happen.

What album or albums appeared most often in your iTunes?
well i've been going to through a hardcore trip this year. lots of hardcore. i like the early black flag and the bad brains. this ep by a knoxville band called koro is really hep. that's older stuff. clockcleaner, homostupids, there's a bunch of newer hardcore that's awesome. that video on youtube of the dillinger escape plan at the virgin mega-store where the singer runs across the crowd is perhaps the best 8 seconds of music ever made. that music, and like, ornette and stuff, sounds like my life. like when you walk down a city street or you're out dicing with the 18wheelers on the interstate. my life does not sound like bluegrass, or contemporary country. my life sounds more like the yellow swans.

What was your favorite show or tour in 2010?
well i really enjoyed playing with honky at emo's in austin earlier this year, that was badass. bobby rock is really one of the greatest metal guitarists in the world, ever. i really dug this last tour i just did with my friend branden harper, we've been playing drum kit, samplers, and barnjo turned all the way up. and that's been such a far out trip, i intend to stick with that oeuvre through the coming year for a record and tours galore. there's about a one minute video this guy sent me of us playing, and it sounds like metallica ornette blues. so. how can you lose?

What emerging band should readers watch out for in 2011?
i'm really interested in this guy stripmall ballads. i guess he's not really emerging, but if you haven't heard it, it's new.

Who would you want to collaborate with next year?
mitchell froom, eyvind kang, josh homme, i like dj shadow's drum sounds. a split 7" with zeke. i don't know, lots of stuff. i'd like to come out with my own skateboard.