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how to be an opening act

i'll start off with the usual qualifiers:
a. i could be wrong about the whole thing.
b. if you don't agree, that's fine. these are just ideas.

that said, perhaps it would be good for folks to hear some ideas on how to help things run more smoothly when hired to be an opening act.

it seems as though the same mistakes keep getting made and perhaps this treatise will be of some benefit in correcting this. these are suggestions.

banjo samadhi

i had a bit of an epiphany a couple of nights ago, playing with a fairly large ensemble in a rock/country type format.

orville johnson represents musicians at middle school career day

orville johnson is a friend of mine from seattle. he is a great guitarist singer and songwriter. he was asked to speak at career day at a local middle school. orville was pleasantly surprised by the experience and as he told me about it, we agreed it would be cool to write a little piece about it for folktronics.

Orville writes:

Career Day at Meadowdale Middle School

a method for learning about new things


a method for learning about new things

a little experiment that i run from time to time involves asking five or ten friends, to make a list of three new things they are into. it's a very interesting thing to try.

a re-appreciation of captain beefheart's trout mask replica

and the potential applications of Its experimental ideas in american country musics


for some years this record has been in my mind. I became aware of it in the middle seventies, although it was released some years prior, in 1969. a very interesting albeit strange friend of my oldest brother adored this record and couldn't speak of it without laughing. it became one of my all time favorite musical works and my vote for one of the greatest recordings ever. there is something so far out in the music on this thing.