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how to make a living playing music

i hear so much complaining about this subject, i just wanted to lay my practical experience on you. free.

first, three pre-conditions:

overture to the schillinger system by henry cowell (1941)

here's a whole 'nother way of looking at things.

Overture to the Schillinger System
Henry Cowell (~1941)

The Schillinger System makes a positive approach to the theory of musical composition by offering possibilities for choice and development by the student, instead of the rules hedged round with prohibitions, limitations and exceptions, which have characterized conventional studies.

who cares if you listen? by milton babbitt

hey here's a bit of inspiration for you and something to think about all at the same time. an oft mentioned essay from 1958, and one of the primary influences on the folktronic approach.

"Who Cares if You Listen?"
Milton Babbitt, High Fidelity (Feb. 1958)

AMD of KUT talks about CDs that get sent in

kory cook sees thousands of cds a year as assistant music director for kut public radio in austin. i asked him to write a little about what advice he might give for folks sending him music and what he thinks about the whole deal.

the return of the gig box score, barnes vs. nyc, 6.20.08

highline ballroom in manhattan june 20, 2008, 8:45 pm for one hour


thursday june 19
leave home at 5 pm
catch 6:30 pm ferry to downtown seattle
9:00 pm fly sea-tac to jfk overnight

friday june 20th
6:00 am land
subway to friend's apartment in brooklyn
8:00 am sleep
12:00 pm wake up, shower, subway to load-in in manhattan
sound check
8:45 pm play one hour set
11:00 pm show is over, subway back to brooklyn
sleep as long as possible