when i get where i'm going

there's something really cool that happens when i get to the destination on a music trip. usually the two days prior to departure are spent getting everything ready and all that and there' s not much practice time. the travel day is typically pretty long.

when i get where i'm going, after grabbing a bite, and resting and catching up on emails and stuff, out comes the banjo. i get kind of overwhelmed with thankfulness as i tune it up in some distant place, all by myself in a hotel room. dust it off and put on new strings and get it all intonated and warm up a little bit.

i've been working on playing a banjo for thirty six years, and it feels so comfortable and familiar in my hands. the way the fifth string comes out of the side of the neck and the way the strings feel. at this point, i can review some of the music the job will require the next day. my suitcase has music books and practice materials in it. that all comes out. pick quietly for an hour or two in the hotel silence. metronome clicking away.

it's a real thankful, peaceful feeling. i'm very glad things turned out the way they did and things are the way there are.

the way hotel rooms are with the neutrality, it's cool that you can make your own space in there. i don't mind living in hotels. about a third of my life is spent there. sometimes more sometimes a little less.

if you're in the room next to mine, i hope you like banjo music.