junior sampled

Junior Sampled

barnyard electronics coming at you, high and inside on a 3-2 count. this is the second full album of my music to come out this year [it’s mid june] on minner bucket records. i’ve been feeling particularly inspired in the lab [my term for the permanent minimalist recording studio/research facility that covers my whole house]. this project was made in a software called renoise, a tracker-based DAW [look it up]. in a sense, it’s a giant sampler and you work off of start times and processing, rather than the linear way most DAWs work [whichemulate a multi-track tape machine with the horizontal strips of representational waveforms]. renoise actually works vertically! more and more, i really appreciate the workflow of the old MPC types of setup [the basic tool of early hip-hop]. the timing is rock solid. and it’s a very creative workflow. everything is treated as a sample, with all these little chunks of sound and where the precise start times are calculated. in order to increase the grease factor, these numbers are slipped around. renoise is very inexpensive and great. it takes a little getting used to, but you can work really fast once you learn the hotkeys. of course there’s my own bit of lo-fi experimental componentry thusly employed, in regard to the architecture of the music herein. my friends jack boeger, dave matthews, garey shelton, and max brody were very encouraging to me. this record is to be played loud on a good set of headphones while you tune out some rampant injustice. personally i burned it to cassette. my hope is that you have that moment were your mind kinda goes blank and you get lost in the sound and you feel like you are in kind of a dream or a weird movie. baba says don’t sweat the answers it won’t help you anyway.  

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