Got Myself Together

Danny Barnes - Got Myself Together

DANNY BARNES’ GOT MYSELF TOGETHER (TEN YEARS LATER) RELEASES NOVEMBER 27 ON AUSTIN’S EIGHT 30 RECORDS Recent Steve Martin Prize in Banjo and Bluegrass winner showcases his artistic evolution by rerecording his classic Get Myself Together in stripped-down form SEATTLE – Danny Barnes’ first collection in six years showcases a singular songwriter and player in peak form as Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later) reworks his classic album a decade on (“Big Girl Blues,” “Get Me Out of Jail”). The Seattle-area resident simply strips songs to their essence on the new recording. “I spend a lot of time developing new contexts like the barnyard electronics aesthetic,” Barnes says. “Get Myself Together was my last acoustic-type recording and I get quite a bit of fan mail about it, but the label that released it went out of business. I wanted to make something with this record that featured more of my raw acoustic sound, as though I was kind of playing in your living room.” Tracks: 1. Get Myself Together 2. Rat's Ass 3. Big Girl Blues 4. Get Me Out of Jail 5. Cumberland Gap 6. Let Your Light Shine On Me 7. Cut a Rug 8. Corn Kingdom Come 9. Wasted Mind 10. Get It On Down the Line 11. Cat to the Rat 12. Big Shoe 13. I'm Convicted

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Eight 30 Records